As an Artist and a pioneer Social Worker my mission is to encourage as well as empower mankind through lenses of imagination while creating an ecological shift in protecting our planet. Peace of Junk’s goal is to provide a universal love message utilizing artistic designs with infinite possibilities to HEAL all populations through art.

The benefit of owning a Peace of Junk collectible is experiencing an enlightenment of stories told through recycled items, painted adventures of humanity, and the meaning of color representations to inspire others to create. We hope you find a peace here which calls to your unique need for HEALING!  The brand builds awareness of social justice while promoting environmental sustainability. Peace of Junk’s products are handmade while each piece is one of a kind, like YOU!  Our hope is the designs make you smile in the weirdest ways which empower HOPE.

It’s my pleasure to share with you a plethora of up-cycled treasures and other whimsical collectibles. Welcome to my peaceful land of junk! We hope your shopping experience is explosive.


~Peace & Blessings~ IG@PeaceofJunk